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Contest dates and Thermal Thursday page updated

Just updated the pages listed in the title per our January 2022 meeting. I have already entered in our request for the field with Purdue FW for our contests and Thermal Thursdays. I will be sending out the meeting minutes … Continue reading

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First of Spring Updates

Just wanted to post a quick update regarding some things going on. I have removed the “members” page from the WordPress site. Publishing a membership list is kind of a big no-no for security reasons in the connected world, so … Continue reading

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Upcoming Swap Meets of Interest

Just wanted to drop some links here for swap meets that are coming up that might be of interest to the club: Toledo Swap Meet April 9-10(not hosted by Weak Signals, but still at Seagate Center on the main floor) … Continue reading

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2021 Annual Meeting in the Book

The 2021 meeting was held at Saloman Farms starting at 12:00 PM on February 6, 2021. The COVID Charlie Foxtrot seriously affected 2020, but it is looking like 2021 might be a more flying friendly year. We had nine attendees … Continue reading

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2020 Season Not Starting Until August 15

The 2020 season starts on August 15 as that is the soonest that IUPUI/IVY TECH will let us back out there. The full season schedule (such as it is) is posted.

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NATs Fees Waived

The AMA has waived fees for the 2020 Nationals. It’s a valid way to get some good flying in and, dang it, it’s more of just a fun fly than anything at this point. If you can fit it in, … Continue reading

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LOFT Site Upgraded to WordPress 5.4

Just finished upgrading the site to WordPress 5.4 If anyone has any issues with site functionality, please comment here.

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LOFT 2012 Season Brochure Now Available

Hey Guys: Just dropped off the 2012 season brochures for LOFT at Phil’s today. I have 12 more for handing out to the membership. The PDF file for the brochure is available by clicking the link below. LOFT brocure 2012

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2011 LOFT Brochure Completed

I know it’s a bit late, but the new LOFT brochure for 2011 is now available! LOFT_2011_brochure_dist Feel free to download and spread it around.  I’ll be printing up copies to take to Phil’s later.

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Flying for Fun, March 25, 2011

On the way home this afternoon from doing some shopping with my youngest daughter, she said “Dad, there’s a sailplane flying over at the LOFT field.”  I looked through the windshield and, sure enough, I caught sight of an oversized … Continue reading

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